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Homework is checked DAILY, with points given for completed work. Homework is a part of students' overall grade. It is important that it is completed and on time. Students have "planner time" every day and their homework should be written in it accordingly. 

Standard Homework
Weekly Word Work: Every child will be sent home with Weekly Word Work every Monday and it's due on Friday. There will be four assignments for each full week. The assignments will be circled on their Weekly Word Work page, and will differ week to week. 
Math: Most evenings students will have a couple problems in the Math Workbook to complete or a short worksheet reviewing the current unit. These assignments are always explained  in class. 
Reading: The entire class will have a chapter book that we are all currently reading. We will be reading 1-5 chapters a week, depending on the size of the chapters. For example, For example, the book Beezus and Romona averages 30 pages per chapter whereas Tale of Despereaux averages 2 pages per chapter. Students are encouraged to read this book in class when they have finished assignments early, but are required to bring the book home to complete the assigned chapters. We will have a group discussion over the chapters on Fridays and work on in class assignments during that time. After we finish a book, we will have a class party before we begin a new book! 
Science & Social Studies: There will be no weekly assigned homework pertaining to science or social studies. Students should only bring said subjects home if they have failed to complete the assignment in class. However, on special occasions units will have at home group projects. For example, we will have a solar system project during our Space Unit. Students will be given plenty of time to get together with their group and complete the assignments.