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Feb. 24th

Please use the files up loaded below if you need a copy of the Islamic Studies Competition Packets.

Feb. 19th 

Research about Masajid in Africa due on Thursday,

Write 5-10 facts about the masjid assigned and draw or print an image of your masjid. be ready to share your info.

Mustafa: Masjid in Libya

Abdelsalam: Masjid in Aljeria

Elyas: Masjid ul Aqsa (not in Africa)

Yara: The Dome of The Rock (not in Africa)

Yousef: Masjid Muhammad Ali in Egypt

Zainab: Masjid ul Qairawaan

Tareq: Masjid in Nigeria

Nasser: Masjid in South Africa

We watched in class today the following video about ancient Egypt

Dec. 13th 2018

Watch the following video and see the immense love for Prophet PBUH. 

Nov. 8th, 2018                              Battle of Badr Project

Project is due on Tuesday, Nov.13th, 2018

Students can work in groups or individually. Every student has to be able to present the work.

Important points that must be included in the poster or model of Battle of Badr

Students are graded on creativity, neatness, and presentation. This project is worth 100 points.

1)      Who was leading the caravan and where was it going.

2)      The leader that insisted on fighting the Muslims

3)      Where did the battle take place? Where is the location?

4)      When did Battle Badr happen?  Day/month/year

5)      The number of fighters on both sides. Muslims/ Kuffar

6)      The 3 Muslim fighters who fought before the battle started.

7)      The 3 Kuffar fighters who fought before the battle started.

8)      What were the losses of the Muslims and the Kuffar in the Battle?  killed and prisoners

9)      The reasons the Muslims win the Battle. Include 3 reasons.

10)  Another name for the Battle of Badr

Nov. 7th: find out the name and number of the ayah of the week and write down the complete verse.

لئن شكرتم لأزيدنكم

Oct. 2018

Please find out which surah and what ayah number is the ayah of the month, write the meaning of the  following 3 ayat 

خذ العفو وامر بالعرف و أعرض عن الجاهلين

Sep. 14th 2018

Homework due Tuesday: 

Search what Allah tells us through the Quran and the Sunnah about kind speech. 

you can copy and paste this in the search bar:       Quran and sunnah about kind speech

For using a Quranic ayah please include the following:

  •  Name of the Surah and number of the ayah
  •  How to apply it in your daily life (at school, with family, and community)
For using a hadeeth include the following:
  • The narrator of the hadeeth and resource
  • The meaning of the hadeeth
  • How to apply the hadeeth in your life (at school, with family, and community)

Sep. 10th

Homework Due tomorrow: Finish the questions on page A15 from the textbook please.(the students had started the work in class today).

the students who did not turn in the meaning of the ayah of the month, please search "Quran 17:53. this homework was assigned one week ago, must be turned in as soon as possible.

August, 30th 2018

Homework due Tuesday:

Find out the surah name, the rest of the verse and the meaning of the Quranic verse covered for this month.

                                                 وقل لعبادي يقولوا التي هي أحسن

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