Our Teachers

Ustatha Olivia Oakley, Homeroom

Ustatha Jamila Naji, Arabic

My name is Jamila Naji, I have been working as a teacher for about 27 years. I earned my
teaching degree in Libya, where I taught middle school English as a second language, and Geography. I also worked with Fayette County as a preschool teacher with the Head-Start Program. During that time, I worked on getting my degree in Early Childhood Education. I also worked as an Arabic teacher in Saudi schools in Portland, OR for three years and in Richmond, KY for 2 years. I have also been working as volunteer Arabic teacher at Masjid Bilal’s Sunday school for about 19 years.  I have been working with Lexington Universal Academy since the first day it opened. I was a Kindergarten teacher for the first six years, then I taught Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies for the past five years. I organized the Arabic Spelling Bee for the past three years, two of the years I worked with Louisville Islamic schools in a joint competition. The last year was an in-school competition. I feel LUA is my second home and the students are part of my family. My two youngest children attended LUA since the school opened in 2003. One of them recently graduated high school with honors and the other one will graduate high school next year insha’ Allah. I am really looking forward to teaching the kids and beginning a new school year at LUA!


Ustatha Rasmieh, Suleiman, Islamic Studies

I have been the middle school Islamic Studies teacher at the Lexington Universal Academy since 2009.  Prior to teaching at the LUA, I was involved in various areas of the school since it first opened.  I was an active member of the PTO and served as an Islamic Studies substitute teacher before taking on my current position. This year in sha’ Allah I will be teaching Islamic Studies to 4th-8th graders. To further develop my teaching background, I have attended several online education courses and am currently enrolled in the American Open University. I am also fluent in both Arabic and English. Teaching gives me a wonderful opportunity to enhance my students’ Islamic knowledge and help shape them into stronger Muslims. In addition to my involvement in the LUA, I have also participated in various Islamic study groups at the community level.

Ustatha Omayma Alamawi, Quran